Oops. Sorta forgot about this bloggy business for a while there! And here begins my confession. Somehow, my cousin blackmailed me into reading the fifth book in the Twilight series.* So I’m all angsty vampire/werewolfy at the moment. It’s utter bullshit. But I have to read it. It’s like a fricking train wreck.

The stoopid thing is that I know what happens. I mean, that’s how I got sucked into this thing in the first place. (*ahem* Too hard not to make bad jokes.) She’d mentioned something about an obsession with Edward and I asked if she’d read the books, to which she gestured to her bookshelf which was basically a shrine to the series. And I decided to ask something that had been bugging me for months. I’d overheard someone saying something about Bella having a baby. The whole thing seemed so fricking ridiculous for a vampire-based series that I really had to know how Meyer had worked this in.

Heather was reluctant to explain, it seems Meyer really dragged this shit out, and implored me to read the last book. I think my reply was something along the lines of looking more favourably upon jabbing my eyeballs out with a sharp knife than reading that crap. Unfortunately for me, Heather has always been pretty damn persuasive. She made me promise to read the book before she’d tell me the storyline. And I stupidly caved in, thinking I could just ignore her once she’d dished out the goss.

But I made the mistake of starting the book. And now I’m stuck. And it’s horrible. No less because it’s gi-freaking-normous and my neck is now killing me after trying to read the hefty damn tome in bed. Argh, why do I do this to myself?

* Yeah, yeah, your last smidgeon of respect for me was just erased. Well, I read Diana Gabaldon too. I’m not known for my literary taste.


8 thoughts on “Woah

  1. Missed you while you were gone.
    I know what you mean about train wreck. I hated them for the stalker/abusive relationship side of things but couldnt stop reading.
    I actually liked the last book 'cause once bella was a vamp she stood on her own two feet and actually contributed.
    Before then she was like a pathetic pity party, and definately not mature enough to date someone over 100 years old – so it was pretty creepy.

    And diana gabaldon rocks my socks.


  2. Hoovered over your blog comment section yesterday trying to compose a slightly rough yet friendly reminder that your blog and all your bloggy followers are being neglected badly.

    i'm sorry but this post has left me abit teary another wonderful woman gone to the dark side.
    i watch the movies but only for the fact they are set on the american borderside of where we hope to end up in Canada.
    That place looks stunning the books however no.

    Hope you get throught these times without to much more injuries other than a cricked neck


  3. ahhhhh… Twilight. I'm not a crazy obsessed fan, but i did enjoy the books. Probably because I enjoy most books that have that magical fantasy element to them. But I did find them REALLY intense – the writing, the plot, the relationships, and especially the characters. It was a relief to finish the series. Weird.


  4. I think it might all be some pyramid marketing scheme. My friends wouldn't tell me how she gets pregnant either. And now your not sharing too. Do you menan I really have to read the books to find out? I'm waiting for the movie.

    I will sit on my high horse and announce that I haven't read any Meyer or Gibraldon and pretend that it isn't propped up with Jodi Picoult novels or heaven forbid a Virginia Andrews book.


  5. Oh well – you're in good company. Jo's a Twilight fan and loves Dianna Gibraldon too.

    I'm guessing that, if the book's taking you so long to get through, you haven't started reading it on public transport yet? 🙂


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