Sorry! Sorry! I know I’ve been gone a while… and I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back blogging regularly. It’s been a couple of things: first my damn laptop died. I knew it was coming, it has been limping along for quite a while, and then one day it just wouldn’t turn on. Wah. Luckily I had backed it up recently onto an external drive when I started thinking that losing all my photos from the last few years would probably make me cry. So yay… although now I’ve jinxed myself and the external drive is going to die too. Rats.

Then my body went and caused me some major problems. I had a day’s worth of mystery pain back in August that seemed to resolve itself after 24 hours of causing my problems, and I thought nothing much of it. But on Sunday morning I woke up at 1.30am with a pretty similar type of pain, but much worse in intensity. We went to the Accident and Emergency clinic and they gave me some drugs and told me that it was probably period pain but I should get it checked out with my GP anyway.

And errrr.. period pain? Right. I’ve been doing this menstrual thing for a few years now and I tell you now, that was NOT period pain. I was still feeling quite crap on Monday so went along to the GP who referred me for a scan. I managed to squeeze myself in a scan appointment that day and within about 30 seconds the radiologist had found a 6cm cyst on my ovary. Now THAT would be a reason for pain!

I’d begun feeling a bit better by that stage and the doctor didn’t seem to think anything was urgent… but then later that night I ended up in agony again. Turns out I should have been in bed rather than rushing around getting scans and things. Mind you, if I didn’t get the scan, I wouldn’t have known! So now I’m on bed rest for a couple of days. And once the pain goes away, we’ll figure out the next part of the plan.

So is that a valid excuse for not blogging? I hope so!! I do have quite a lot to ramble on about so when I get the chance to steal the boy’s computer, I’ll be back.


P.S. All the people on twitter have heard all this, so apologies for putting you all through it again!!


8 thoughts on “Explanation

  1. Poor you!
    I collapsed while running on holiday in surfers and was toted off to ED. The doc said “bad news is you had a cyst on your ovary”.
    “good news is, it just burst, so you wont have further pain!!”.
    I really shouldnt ignore pain so often!!

    Get well soon, and dont try and holiday. 🙂 Rollarcoasters SUCK with ovarian cysts!!


  2. Ah yes, I know the pain – the bursting was worse than childbirth. Another thing to blame the kidlet for, as far as I'm concerned.

    The best thing I can recommend for preventing them is cutting out the caffeine – or at least, that's what worked for me. I read somewhere to also cut back on sugar, but I wasn't willing to go that far…


  3. Yeouch! Been there, VERY sore!
    Bed is the very best place to hang out, preferably with a wheatbag and comfort food.

    Hope you're feeling better super-quick Nikki!


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