Princesses in stripy socks

I haven’t really given a run down of the workshop I attended out at Kotare last month, but it was so much fun. And inspiration. And a chance to try a whole lot of new things as everyone was so willing to share their skills and materials.

Kotare is also such a fabulous place. Peaceful, sunny, and beautiful. And they do such awesome activist workshops.

While I was there, among other things, I learned to screen print. I decided I wanted to make something for Hannah. She was meant to come out with me as I wanted her to spend time with a bunch of strong women, but I decided to send her down to Rotorua instead to hang out with family as her fave person in the world, Aunty Jute, was coming up from Wellington.

A lot of the conversations I had over the weekend revolved around raising girls in our society. I want Hannah to have loads of self esteem, to be confident enough to challenge authority, ask questions, find answers. I struggle a bit that she’s so affected by the marketing to young girls and is obsessed with all things Princessy. But I find ways to encourage her to be critical of the messages she receives, while allowing her to enjoy all things “girly”.

So my screen print tried to incorporate elements of her interests and my quest for her to see the world through a feminist/environmental/socially aware lense.

Et voila! The gardening princess with stripy socks! *ahem* yes, she is holding a hoe.

I printed it on a few types of fabric but this one is intended to be made into a lovely dress for my little princess. Hopefully to be worn with stripy socks and gumboots!!

Please excuse that this print was starting to bleed a little… I think it was one of my last ones and given that my design was made on paper, the ink had started to seep through a little.

The print reminded me of another fabulous woman, so I sent her one too.

A fabulous weekend spent with fabulous women. And that reminds me, while I’m bed-bound, I should do some work on the “Fuck Patriarchy” cross-stitch I started while I was there. This bed business has to be good for something!


5 thoughts on “Princesses in stripy socks

  1. Brilliant.
    So tell me more about the conversations about raising girls to have loads of self esteem and confidence and ask questions and avoid the marketing. I crave that discussion!


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