Me: Hannah, come pack your bag for Rotorua!

Hannah: *whingeing* Noooo… I don’t know how to do ittttt.

Me: Well, if I have to do it then I won’t put in any pink clothes.

Hannah: Oh fine. *reluctantly drags herself into her room to pack her bag*

Me: *muahahahahahaha*


Oh shit. It’s just backfired. I can hear her commentary from her room… “Pink pyjamas… pink singlet… pink shorts… pink skirt… pink jersey…”

Argh. How can she be so much smarter than me?!


2 thoughts on “Currency

  1. It's the kiddos job to keep you on your toes and outsmart their parents. Be thankful there's only one. Didn't you used to tag team with your sister against your parents?


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