She’s lucky she’s cute

Tonight the Devil Child earned herself a hefty lecture. It was during the pre-dinner hell period, I was feeling a bit sore and tired, simultaneously trying to deal with dinner and the incessant demands from the child, Hannah was hungry… recipe for disaster, some might say.

Without screeching [no mean feat], I managed to ask her to remove her crap pictures and toys from the table in preparation for serving dinner and she responded with the usual reluctance to do anything I ask and then remarked slightly cheerfully “You are going to have to do things for me soon.”

“And why is this?” I asked. “Because it’s my birthday, and on my birthday you have to do things for me!” came her response.

She picked a bad time to come up with that little gem. I spent the next 15 minutes regaling her with the responsibilities of parenthood and everything I have to do for her.

Unfortunately for me, she spent that 15 minutes completely ignoring me. Argh.


3 thoughts on “She’s lucky she’s cute

  1. Oh thank goodness I thought from the title and the image that her picture was in lipstick on a wall or on the table.
    I did wonder briefly how you had a full rainbow of lipsticks but my mind was made up that was indeed what had occured.

    So very relieved that I was wrong….just this one time xx


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