This is not a craft blog.

Or a bug blog.

After reading Clare’s post about the direction of her blog and how she’d got caught up and had forgotten that she was supposed to be blogging for herself, I’ve realised that’s what I’ve been doing too… or more accurately, not doing, seeing as posting around here has been rather slow.

So yeah, I think I’ve been censoring a fair bit of my life and I’ve decided you can have all that too. ALL OF IT.

So be prepared for this blog to become [even more] unapologetically self indulgent. Complete with up close and personal, probably blurry pics of my scars, among other delights. Oh yeahhhhh.

5 thoughts on “This is not a craft blog.

  1. well yay!
    that's what outdoor knit is sort of
    hmm maybe we can make you a weekly craft blooger for craft2.0 to fulfill that craft blogging part of your soul


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