As promised…

Here is my manky stomach. I have a million things to apologise for but it’s late and I want to go to bed, so I’m not going to. Oh, I would like to you to observe the stellar job I did of photoshopping out my hideous underwear. I did contemplate changing into something that was worthy of being splashed all over the internet but then I realised that would be too much effort. Mainly because I don’t have any underwear worthy of being splashed everywhere. So, a wee bit of amateur photoshop it is. heh. For the underwear and the weird stomach pimple thing I have that won’t go away. But that’s not in the photo so let’s not mention that.

So how cool are my scars? There’s four of ’em all together. One under my belly button, two on the side, and then the larger one (about 2cm) down the bottom.

The stitches seemed to be doing more damage than the actual incisions so I took most of them last night (they are the red bits… you can barely see the *actual* scars). I figured that the nurse was only pretending when she told me not to remove the stitches myself. Why else would she give me the cool stitch cutter thing, right? I did tell her I wanted to do it and she did shake her head and frown but I’ll bet she was just pretending to be concerned… oh she was a hilarious one, that nurse. Anyway, the doctor said I could. She was quite keen on all things surgeony. She gets quite animated when she discusses the procedures and stuff… and I can’t help but be enthralled by her descriptions. I think she appreciated my interest in the gore.

And I think that the bottom stitches in the largest incision are dissolving ones. At least I hope so. I suppose I’d better check.

And does anyone know how the hell you are supposed to get all the sticky stuff from the dressings etc off? I think the black crap left all over my stomach is almost more unattractive than the scars and inflamed stitches!


6 thoughts on “As promised…

  1. Ok I clearly missed something big. Doh. Impressive scars, go you 😀 Maybe you could try eucalyptus oil, that gets sticky stuff off anything. But I'm thinking you wouldn't want to let it get ON the raw openy bits. Coz that might be kinda youchy.


  2. oh huh, there it is right down there just a couple of posts away. Being internetless for 3 weeks I guess – I seem to have slotted back in at the rocket point lol. Eep, glad you're up and around and y'know, alive n'all now.


  3. I was going to say eucalyptus oil also. Just try and keep it away from the incision sites and try and wipe as much as possible off after as it could be irritating.


  4. interesting fact: you probably have polyglycolic acid (PGA) stitches in the bottom one, they are made of a plastic that is synthesized by microorganisms (ie: not from fossil fuels) and when used inside the body are completely degraded within 6 months. You're so eco-friendly Nikki!

    PS: heal fast and feel better soon xoxo


  5. I have eight of those! And my belly-button is now wonky because they went in through there during one of the ops. I love my little scars – they're white now and in almost the same places as yours. And I never did figure out how to get the sticky stuff from the dressings off. I tried eucalyptus oil but it was a bit stingy so I just left it all alone and it came off eventually.


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