Gratuitous puppy shots

My sister is getting a Weimaraner puppy. It’s so freaking cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. On Sunday (Han’s birthday) we went and visited the litter of 11 and got to check out the little puppy that will be theirs at the start of December.

Photos totally stolen from my sister (her post here):

And I think my own little one provided some cuteness here too:

And because I’m lazy as hell, you can read about Han’s birthday party on Jute’s blog as she’s the only one that took photos because I was in my usual highly strung, panic mode. Oh, and check out the ace clock she made Han too. Jute is clever. And clearly the last-minute-present-creation is genetic.


3 thoughts on “Gratuitous puppy shots

  1. I just 'Awwwww'd' out loud!
    Weimeraners are gorgeous, we used to live next door to a lovely one called Sascha. Man she could jump high!
    Anyway, totally in awe of gorgeous baby dogs, awesome last minute present-ing skills and coooool halloween birthday cakes!

    You and your sister are choice.


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