Gratuitous gorgy kid photo
Oh, and that’s paint on her arm, not bruises.

When your kidlet is this cute, how could you not want to make another one? Some weirdness in the stars/friends having cute babies/hormones/loveliness of my boyfriend has induced some serious strange cluckiness. I’m just kinda glad there’s a few things that have to happen first. A few, small things like buying a house.


7 thoughts on “Kidlet

  1. Sorry I know I am partly to blame.
    Though I am not really sorry at alllll the world totally needs more gorgeous kiddies, that are being raised awesomely like Hannah is.
    Go on doo ittttttt.


  2. Super dooper cute indeed!
    I LOVE the comment about the bruises.
    I am always covered in bruises cause I walk into our coffee table and bed a lot.
    I was away on conference last week and didnt have a coffee table so started to heal up.
    While on a mini break with my man I tripped over the motel coffee table and just about went through it… the man was worried that if I killed myself falling through a table it would look very suspicious with week old-bruises all over me!! 😀


  3. Ooohhhh so cute. Awesome photo.
    I too have been afflicted by the cluck. The only thing holding me back (apart from the whole just-started-work thing) is imagining the carnage three little tornadoes would do as opposed to two. Yikes.


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