Bolt of Cloth

I went and played in Christchurch this weekend. On an Earthquake Tour (I know! Terrible! But we needed to see some of the destruction/reconstruction to really understand how it had been for you CHCH people. Sorry!), we stumbled across Bolt of Cloth. ZOMG fabric heaven. I mean, I’ve been to their website before… but THEIR SHOP! A-Mazing. My sister and I only just managed to tear ourselves away without completely emptying our bank accounts. As it was, I had to buy some of the Spot and Stripes fabric (above) to make some cushions for Han’s room. I didn’t think I had a theme going on for Han’s room and expected this to clash horribly, but now I’m back here I’ve figured I do: garish colours. Yusssss. And the clashing fits in fine with that. That’s a worthy theme, surely? But I think I need to stick with some plain colour from now on. No. More. Prints.

And now for me, I just need to find the money to order a whole heap of this, and this, and this, and this,  andddddd this.


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