So, I started knitting these socks months ago. MONTHS. And I thought I had a great system of marking where I was up to on the pattern. Upon rediscovering my half sock this evening, I realised I didn’t follow my system so I had no fricking idea which part of the lace pattern I was up to. Genius. And for some reason I am not terribly good at counting rows… never mind that I’d already effed up the pattern and was relying on me remembering where I’d effed up the pattern so I could continue effing if up in the same way and pretend that was how it was meant to be. Extra genius.

I just started somewhere that seemed vaguely right. Now that I’m a bit further down the track, I realise that I’ve repeated a row of lace but fecked if I’m going back and fixing it. I’m just glad the photo is kinda bright so you can’t actually tell.

Now, if someone could just remind me of this when I’m knitting the other sock so that I can repeat my screw up (as per method above). Hrmmmm. Maybe they’ll be the sort of socks that I wear concealed. Yeahhhh.


5 thoughts on “Semi-splendiferous

  1. Yeah, the tops get hidden under my jeans mostly anyhow… and anyone who examines your knitted socks that closely – well, there are no knitting police. Knit on with confidence. It's pretty yarn.


  2. There's an error in there? I looked really hard….but then I am no knitter. The only thing I ever knit successfully was a few squares for dish rags and a scarf. That was all plain knitting…. I think the sock, half finished that it is, looks very inviting and toasty warm.

    Besides a flaw or two make them unique and give them more character. I love socks with character. (Did you know, women actually orgasm more often and easier when wearing socks? So I say what's a few flaws between orgasms?)


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