My new project

I bought myself a dining suite. The top of the table is screwwwwwwed. Even more so now because I thought it was a brilliant idea to try and drag it off the trailer and inside by myself. Impatient. Bad, bad idea. Ah well. So now I just have to get off my ass and start repairing it. I figure it can’t get much worse than it currently is so will just start sanding and hope for the best. Yep.


4 thoughts on “My new project

  1. I recommend a cheap belt sander, gloss enamel paint or polyurethane – you can then go mad and renovate whatever cheap (free) ugly furniture passes your way in almost no time at all.




  2. My advice is to wear gloves when sanding.
    It really screws up your nails if you don't and when you've worked as hard as us to get them looking decent, you really don't need that kind of carnage inflicted on them!

    V. cool dining suite!


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