Tomorrow is my birthday, and due to one of my colleagues having the day off tomorrow, I was surprised with an afternoon tea at the office today! Yay! I LOVE afternoon tea at the office! Especially with flowers and yuuuuuummy cheesecake.

Unfortunately, to get me out of the office they had to convince me to go on an errand to get stationery which I was MOST UNIMPRESSED about. I even threw a little tantrum. Felt like super doofus when I got back and realised what they’d done. heh.
And the nice thing was, it really felt like my birthday and I have a whole day left to celebrate tomorrow!*
P.S. Mind you, tomorrow evening I am heading along to an AGM for an organisation I am involved with. Not exactly my preferred place to spend my birthday.

4 thoughts on “Awesomeness

  1. Happy Birthday! I love that you threw a tantrum, much better than being all “Suuuuure! I'll go and get that stationery! (heh heh, they are totally going to surprise me for my birthday)”


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