Oops. Forgot about my blog for a bit. In my defence, I was having heaps of fun with Knitschy Tash and had little time for geeking. Especially because I also had to send off my phone to the shop to be repaired after my power button failed so even phone based geeking was off the cards.

And now Tash has flown back to Wellington… and I’m missing her already. I wish all my Wellington friends could come and play with me up here all the time. Yes, yes, I know moving back to Wellington would solve that problem but I don’t think you realise how stubborn my boyfriend is. Worse than me, I tell you.

I’ll have to post tomorrow and show you all my birthday treats because they are EXCITING! And my family is well known for forgetting birthdays, the upside of which is that you get fun birthday stuff drip fed for a month or so. Glorious.


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