OK, so I bought myself this treat. Found it in the op shop by my work today… $9. Yusssss. I’d watched it move from the normal racks to the bargain rack and the price get progressively lower. I finally decided to try it on today and weeeeeeeeeeee perfect fit.

Bike! For me! From the Boy! Turns out he DOES pay attention. Actually, I knew that. He’s rad.

It will all be OK” pencils from Tash. It lives on!

It’s really handy having a friend who runs a yarn business and sells super rad books. Yippeeeeee!

And my little sister sent me some of Tegan Rose‘s Wrens. It finally arrived the other day and I was so excited! Until I realised that I hadn’t yet found a suitable present for her despite her birthday being two weeks before mine. Slack sister. Still hunting.

Today also a courier delivered a batch of chocolate cupcakes made by my mama. The birthday continues… excellent.


5 thoughts on “Treats

  1. Happy birthday – sorry for the lack of present šŸ˜› I have a worse story – my sis came to NZ and I decided to send her a pressie for her bday a few months back (she didn't come to visit me). So I handmade her choc goodies and posted them but they arrived too late and she had left NZ! So they were returned to me and we've eaten them all haha!

    Oooh new bike! What brand/model/make is it tehee! We'll have you mountain biking soon šŸ™‚


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