Oh yes, THAT person.

So, I was merrily on my way to work last Friday when I realised I was awfully low on petroleum. It dawned on me as I pulled in to the petrol station that it had been a while since I’d last checked my oil and water so I should probably do that too.

The old pre-pay pump required me to venture inside to pay for my $60 worth of petrol before I got a-pumping. I cheerily smiled at the people serving inside, the same ones that I see every Friday morning, then wandered back out to my car and set the pump going while I popped my bonnet and checked things over.

I was thinking smugly to myself that I probably looked like I halfway knew what I was doing as I filled up the water reservoir and then wiped down the oil dipstick and pushed it back in. The smugness ended abruptly as I pulled the dipstick out of its holder and noted the distinct absence of oil. Not even below empty. Just none.

The panic started to set in as I realised I could have done some major damage to my car. Probably on the motorway. In peak hour. With my phone battery flat. Leaving my daughter stranded at after school care. It didn’t feel good. I needed some oil  NOW.

I looked around and saw that the petrol forecourt was getting busier so hastily jumped in my car to move it into one of the parks by the shop to put the oil in. I moved forward, thanking baby Jebus for helping me avoid breaking down on the motorway by somehow planting thoughts into my brain that meant that I stopped that day to check the oil.

What would have been nice of baby Jebus to do was to also warn me that I’d forgotten to PUT THE FRACKING PETROL NOZZLE BACK. Thanks baby Jebus!

I heard an almighty crash behind me and got out to find the nozzle and hose severed from the pump and EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the whole entire WORLD… OK… whole entire petrol station looking at me and trying REAL HARD not to laugh. Some more successfully than others, might I add.*

So yay. I became THAT person. Stoked.

And no, I will never ever live this down. Jute will see to that. And yeahhhh, I’m waiting for the bill in the mail. Double stoked.

* I’m looking at you, petrol station server woman.


16 thoughts on “Oh yes, THAT person.

  1. just to make you feel better.
    My dad did the same thing – but rather than detaching from the pump, like they're supposed to, there was a glitch and he wrenched the ENTIRE pump from the ground. Petrol everywhere and they had to call the fire brigade. I was in the back seat, slumped down, hoping no one would see me – but small town – everyone came for a look.

    for shame Nicola


  2. Haha I think Liz's dad wins! My mum did it once too so don't feel too bad! You might want to find another petrol station to go to now though lol


  3. I suggest you leave Auckland and move to Christchurch where they do not need pre-pay and most stations still have attendants so that you almost have to argue with them if you are a DIY type chick like yourself!!!

    PS I would only do the pull the hose off trick at Pack n Save fill ups where you can drive off and leave the mess behind.


  4. This is why I usually drive out of my way to the one petrol station I know of where they pride themselves on old-fashioned service and will fill the car up for me.

    I can definitely see myself doing that one too Nikki, I am way too tired and easily distracted!
    Oh, and I can't find my oil dipstick. I've tried and Aaron even showed me once.
    You're still doing way better than me I reckon, petrol nozzle and all!


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