Ze holiday: Part one

I was trying to get this shiz in order, which required the Boy processing wedding photos (he became “The Photographer” on the day of the wedding on account of having the biggest camera), but he’s frigging useless (aw, and lovely) and hasn’t done much with the photos yet. SO that means that I have to get off my ass and load my minimal photographic attempts. Slightly underwhelming but better than no blog post at all, yes? Don’t worry, I’ll steal some from Jute and Dion to flesh it all out.

Right. The first leg actually began in Rotorua… but I don’t have any photos there apart from this dorky one of the child posing in front of the Christmas tree:

Oh, I lie. I also have this one of the team from the Boxing day races:

Stray Ben, The Boy (at the back with the beer), Zazu, Pommy Dave (down the front), Spamacious and the kidlet, Birthday Girl Kez (with the pink cup), and Chelcie (Super Blog Stalker).

Man. This is turning out to be a stellar post!

Where was I? Oh yes, Rotorua. Xmas done. Then back to Auckland briefly to discover the Great Flea Infestation of 2010. But that’s a whole other bug-themed-blog-post I’m thinking. After that delightful discovery, we were out again in the morning to Earthquake Central, aka Christchurch, for Daddio’s “garden party” aka Wedding. Dad very much in denial. Illustrated perfectly here:

Oh yeah, before I forget, Jute played florist for the day. See?:

And thennnnn you’ll have to wait for Dion to sort his shit out to see proper photos of the married ones but here’s a shot of the family looking relatively photogenic. Well, except Gaz who is apparently performing a solo haka. Or something.

That’ll be Lauren, and me, and Hannah, and Jute, and Caro, and Dad, and Wob, and Matt, and the Boy, and Gaz the Doofus.

The wedding was relaxed and fun. And sunny. Very sunny. And so now I have two new step-siblings. I even like them. Quite a lot. Yep.
After the wedding, Jute, Rob, the Boy, Han and I wasted no time at all and trekked all the way to Kaikoura:
No, seriously, I mean alllllllllllllllll the slow damn way to Kaikoura:
Until we arrived at the Most Magical Camping Spot EVAH:
Wait. This one shows you better:
The old school house with wool shed behind
Now, Esther had told me that it was going to be a smidgeon primitive, with no running water and a long drop so I was a little scared. But it was FREAKING AWESOME! We had barbequed feasts at least twice a day with freshly shot/caught/gathered rabbit/butterfish/paua, a shower hooked up to a fertiliser barrel full of water heated by old kettle elements and with a pump powered by a car battery, and pretty ace company in the form of people we already knew (Thanks E!) and new people who were just as neat. Oh, and this view:
Esther took us up to a secret waterhole in the middle of nowhere and I wish I’d taken some photos… or had a swim… or both? It was gorgeous! But I was too hungover on account of Esther getting me exceptionally trashed the night before. Let us not speak of that time. I did manage the clamber up the river, in my seedy state, for about 20 minutes to get to the waterhole. ‘Twas brilliant. Well worth it. And I’ll get back there some day. Less hung. Fo’ shiz.
Right. That’ll do now that I’ve eaten up all your bandwidth with my excessive photo posting. More tomorrow… yaaaaaaay.
Next leg: Nelson and Hanmer Springs.

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