Follow through

The dining suite I bought was in terrible condition. Like, really atrocious. The whole lot but especially the table. The polyurethane was cracked, burned, scratched and gouged. Yeah, the scratching and gouging was me. Oops.

What you may not have known (yet probably could tell if you’ve been reading this blog for a while) is that I am famous for coming up with bright ideas and not following through. Jute may or may not be a little similar but not quite as bad as me. Us together though? Terrible. How about that couch cover that we got all excited about for 5 minutes and then never finished? Poor Gaz – having to live with both of us for four years. heh.

I kinda assumed the table might be one of those bright ideas. But it turns out that I’ve actually done something with it! Albeit a few months later… but still – ACTION! I spent some time during the last week of my holiday playing with a sander (read: breaking a sander. Sorry Dion.) and then researching stains and clear finishes. This week while the kidlet is away down in Rotorua, I have spent my evenings staining and polyurethaning my table top.

The quality of the reconditioning job leaves a little to be desired (I got sick of sanding. You can tell.) but it is miiiiiles better than the table I started with so I’m stoked. And again, can we marvel at me actually getting off my ass and doing something?

Photos may or may not arrive depending on how crap my polyurethane job looks in the daylight. I had to pick a million brush bristles out of the sticky clear stuff and I just hope like hell I got ’em all. Stupid brush.


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