Reasonably Sized Day Out

The Boy and I were among the throngs of people at the Big Day Out this year – the first time I have been since 2001. Oh dear. That’s 10 years… I really am getting old. That’s not the only thing that is signalling my age (probably well older than my 26 years) – we piked early. Quite early. Before half the main acts even. How sad is that?

We had an awesome time anyway… and probably saved me from getting to the hungry, tired, shivering, damp stage and wishing that I could go home to my bed and never ever have to hear the words “Big Day Out” ever again. Yeahhhh that’s me trying to justify our piking. Shuddup.

Right. A few highlights then:

  • The Boy’s friend providing us with a car park across the road from the main entrance at her work. Score.
  • The Boy’s other friend (one of the event coordinators) providing us with passes to the lounge up the top of the West stand. Extra score.
  • Meeting Boganette. Briefly met the famed Boganette (and Mr Boganette) in the morning before we went off on a random mission and didn’t manage to catch back up again due to general craziness. And *coupikinggh*.
  • Catching up with one of the Taranaki Mongrels who I haven’t seen since 2004 when I left Otago (I flatted with five Naki boys in my second year of uni). I miss them.
  • Airbourne lead singer scaling the massive scaffolding between the two main stages. I got all motherly and worried my little socks off that he’d fall. It was a pretty impressive stunt despite the anxiety. I also just generally enjoyed their stage show because of how much they embrace the bogan stereotype. It’s freaking awesome.
  • Bloody Beetroots main dude chain smoking through their whole set while playing guitar, doing vocals, and mixing shit. Hilarious. And I’d expected that they’d just be another damn DJ set (The Boy listens to electro and only electro and I whinge and whinge about it.) but their live set was freaking rocking.
  • Getting home before midnight and being able to lie on my bed and rest my legs!

3 thoughts on “Reasonably Sized Day Out

  1. I really should do BDO again. Last time I went I was 17 and my parents took all the awesome out of it by also buying my 14 year old brother a ticket and making me babysit.
    It is WOMAD for me this year – YIPPEE!


  2. Airbourne were so awesome. We were right on the barricade for them and when Joel climbed up the side of the stage all the ambos came racing in. It was hilarious.

    It was so lovely to meet you and The Boy. I can totally understand pikeing early. I tried to headbang to Tool but I was so cold my hands had turned blue and even cuddling and jumping up and down didn't stop my full body shakes. So we went home after Tool and missed Grinderman. Sadface.


  3. Hi there, nice to meet you. Jody here, living in Oakland Calif (yes!) Have been laughing about absolutely everything on your blog. So refreshing…There's not too many mothers who can say they caught up with the T. Mongrels on their date night! Brilliant!


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