For sale

So… the house we live in is now officially on the market. I now have to keep the place looking like a show home (everyone who knows me in real life, queue hysterical laughter) and we have to allow people to wade through our space to stare, horrified, at the mould in our bathroom. heh

Personally, I’m horrified at the description that the real estate agent has put on the website, complete with spelling errors and misplaced capital letters. Not to mention terrible use of adjectives. I mean, I’m a wee bit free with ye olde descriptors but I expect a bit more from someone whose job it is to do this shiz. Our kitchen is described as “interesting” which has to be the most useless adjective I’ve ever heard used to describe a kitchen. Seriously. Oh gawd, and then she uses it again in relation to voids. “Interesting voids”. What the fruck are voids? Let alone interesting ones? Do you mean the strange and entirely useless, yet specially lit, cubby holes this house has going on? Interesting alright…

I’m very tempted to rewrite the description and submit it to her.

And on a positive note, it means we have to get serious about this house saving business!


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