I accidentally left the blog a bit. And then Christchurch had an earthquake. And then I couldn’t blog because it was all very serious and scary and my natural reaction in that situation is to make bad jokes. Not good. People don’t like bad jokes.

Turns out I’m not the only one as Dad emailed me a picture of him and friends out fishing on Saturday, with the clear blue sky as the background, and a caption reading: “Matt is helping me with earthquake recovery”. Good work, Dad. [He’d flown up to the North Island the day before the earthquake… which happened on his birthday.]

But, bad jokes aside, so glad all my Christchurch based family are OK. And really sad for those whose families aren’t.

Oh mannn. Look at me getting all serious and shiz. Better go think of something else to write about so I can bury this post down a bit and repress all those human feelings again.


7 thoughts on “So.

  1. About time you blogged! I serves as my distraction. And right now I need distractions! So blog away… Bad jokes and all. Well maybe not all.


  2. Lol, it was my birthday too! Don't worry, there are plenty of us out there who cope using humour, with varying degrees of quality. I had to cook my own bloody birthday dinner – Mum & Dad had thawed the chicken, but they lost power, so I cooked on Wednesday at my flat.


  3. Solomon came up with the worst bad taste joke of all time. I couldn't possibly post it here, but I believe I have a mobile number for you somewhere if you would like me to text it to you…


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