The latest from the Devil Child

The Devil Child has started ballet. I’m thinking perhaps it would have been a better idea to hold out until I found a flamenco/interpretive dance class. Ballet seems to stifle the Devil Child’s creativity. The Devil Child apparently knows better. I should have seen this coming.

6 thoughts on “The latest from the Devil Child

  1. my two girls have started roller skating, means they can dress up pretty and be a bit creative, work for me as I dont have to do the ballet mum thing…

    shes very gorgeous…


  2. Hehehe I was surprised you even tried Nikki. At least this is prob another moment where D goes yussssss its not just me she doesn't listen too…we are trying to find a theatre class for Lou but in this small wee town that calls itself a city I think we will be well out of luck.


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