I hurt again

My ovarian region is hurting. It’s not really bad this time, but the pain is definitely there again. At least I know what it is this time. I really don’t want to have more surgery but I’m not quite sure how to prevent these things from happening.

Anyone else had recurring serous cystadenomas?

I think I’m going to consult a naturopath this time round. Feck knows how I’m going to pay for it though!



8 thoughts on “I hurt again

  1. Yep, go caffeine free… Not immediate relief but over time I stopped getting the pain. Worth a try vs $$ options.


  2. Try a cranial osteopath? Pricey but they help with inner body works.
    I would forget a naturopath and go either cranial sacral osteo or homeopath but ask around and find a good one before you invest money wise xx


  3. Mel – from what I've read, serous cystadenomas don't really have a treatment apart from surgery. And they don't generally recur – so no prevention options were given. Just want to try another path


  4. Thanks – I've now had a bit of look on google and google scholar to see what is round re prevention in both holistic and allopathic medicine.

    I was interested to see if your doc(s) had given you any advice re prevention when you saw them last, as surgery is generally considered to be a last resort treatment (as you're no doubt aware).

    Unfortunately from what I can see (with a cursory look) regarding the causes of this kind of ovarian cyst the info that you've already found is probably the only way forward – there doesn't appear to be a biochemical mechanism that can be altered (ie via drug therapy, dietary changes or holistic therapies) to prevent these sorts of cysts from appearing, or any way to rid yourself of them once you have them other than surgery šŸ˜¦

    There is an infection risk if this kind of cyst ruptures, and the pain you're getting does worry me a bit. Please have a chat to your doc whilst pursuing any complementary therapies?

    xox Mel


  5. Yeah, don't worry – I'm monitoring the pain. Because as I'm sure you know, the pain is prob from torsion, if anything. It went away after a few hours on Sunday. I'm guessing it could be scar tissue or something? The thing that frustrates me is that my Specialist couldn't really tell me much the first time round. So until I get more pain/am convinced there's another cyst or something, I'll save my money.


  6. Cool. Yeah in some conditions even the specialists don't have a lot of information that they can give you – it must be hellish frustrating, especially when you're in pain.

    Are you able to ring the specialist with your query re scar tissue? Hope you feel better soon…


  7. Hello! I'm reading through some of your old blog entries šŸ™‚

    I feel your pain on this. I get big bad mean-arse cysts, with much pain and bursting. Seems like when one bursts another is already growing. Coincidentally I just posted this comment at The Hand Mirror earlier this evening about my last hospital experience (http://tinyurl.com/4zmhhn7).

    Have tried everything, including surgery (for this and endo). Nothing really works and I can't have surgery every few months so I just put up with it basically. Which I know isn't exactly reassuring, so I hope you can find something that works for you. I'm being the bearer of sad trombones here, sorry!


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