Blog iz sleeping

But I am not! I’ve been doing exciting pro-choice campaign organising in Wellington and squeezing in a few visits with rad peepz on the way. Some of them were a good antidote to my feminist raving about anti-choice weirdos.

And then there were the Feminazi Boner Killer drinks which weren’t at all an antidote to my feminist raving, but very freaking fun all the same. Although I must tone down the confessions of internet stalking as apparently it freaks some people out. I guess I’m not quite pulling off the endearingly enthusiastic fan type persona like I thought I was. I’ll work on that – can’t promise I can contain all my excitement when I meet some of my Internet based heros!

I really managed to get quite a few bulk visits in which was super awesome in such a short space of time… including checking out Tash’s absolutely gorgeous new yarn shop and catching up with some of my fave kidlets in the world and their equally rad parents. (Thanks for the couch Niamh!) I seriously need to do a proper Welly trip to catch up with everyone I missed.

Most importantly though, I got to visit this crazy woman, her husband, and my little brother who is now at Uni in Wellington. I might miss them just a tad.

I’ll probably be doing a bit of a write up at some stage over at Mothers for Choice about where to from here, but in the mean time you can read the press release that came out of the Pro-Choice Gathering 2011 and also a taste of the Queen of Thorns at her best.

3 thoughts on “Blog iz sleeping

  1. Cocktails and issues always mix – or have I got it wrong? I've based my life's work on that/ Wow, I've now commented on four of your posts, bit stalkerish of me. (You somehow slipped off my list so glad to see you again)


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