House quest 2011

A little update on the house front… we’ve pretty much been open homing it every weekend. Yayfunandgames. Unfortunately we rule out most houses as soon as we walk in the driveway. The Boy’s car is about 0.5cm off the ground so requires a ridiculously flat entrance to the property to prevent massive scrapage. If the Boy isn’t with me to check out houses then I have to make sure I fully document the entry way for his approval via photographs.
Here’s where I was going to put a truly thrilling pic of a driveway but I stupidly decided to try and upload a 5MB video of the child demonstrating the latest in hand clapping rhyme game thingies. Remember those? Still going strong apparently. Anyway, that video has now meant that my phone is refusing to do anything so unable to upload the photo. Naturally, you’ll be devastated. My sincerest apologies.
BUT don’t despair yet, my friends (well, apart from missing the photo), as we have found not one, but TWO properties with [relatively] flat driveways, decent sized sections, and each with a house which has potential to be cute. Although one of them is a 2 bedroom – I’ve already drawn up plans for adding another bedroom with our magic monopoly money.
We’ve put an offer in on one of them (2 bdrm) and are waiting to hear back from the vendor, who very inconveniently is overseas at the moment. WE ARE TRYING TO BUY A HOUSE HERE, MAN. Get back immediately! And if that doesn’t work out, there’s an auction for one other this weekend (3 bdrm). Failing that, we go back to trawling TradeMe and and throwing tantrums about the lack of houses that meet our rather extensive criteria. All fun and games.
It better work out soon as I’m rather ready to ditch our land lady, as those witness to my whinging on twitter can attest. Wish us luck! I hope to have news for you by the end of the week.

Edited: You’ll be stoked… finally got the pic through in my email! Regard, le driveway which is not quite flat enough.


3 thoughts on “House quest 2011

  1. Damn!
    I wanted to see me some of those sexy driveway pics *throws tanty* Glad you are finding houses in your criteria xxx

    Thankies for the house plans sneak preview


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