No news is not good news.

We are waiting to hear back from the vendor about whether he has accepted our offer or not. He seems to be somewhere very remote overseas.


So yeah. The suspense is killing me. I am gorging on feijoas to take my mind off the house. The boy came home from his friend’s house with two shopping bags absolutely stuffed full of them. Yummmmm.

I’ll let you know when I know.

4 thoughts on “No news is not good news.

  1. Oh yum! i miss up north for feijoa's but am fortunate that Nelson is a micro climate, eying up the tree on the neighbours property I can see big fruit that has dropped from the boys' bedroom. These neighbours are NEVER home. Wondering though if it may end as badly as it did for Rupunzel's parents…hmmm better not aye.


  2. argh!! any news yet?? our inconveniently overseas vendor decided to pull the house off the market on receipt on our offer (which was only $2k under asking & the agents lowered their commission to make up the difference!!) grrr… has the novelty worn off for you too?


  3. Argh frustrating for you! Time pressure on huh?

    We re-offered at exactly the same price that he just rejected so I'm not holding out much hope that he'll accept that. Over the real estate agent.

    So another day of house hunting planned for tomorrow. Yaaaaaaaaay. :/


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