Is it real yet?

So, we signed a sale and purchase agreement today for a house we went to visit on Saturday. Dion pestered me to see it as it had a gigantic garage. I was reluctant as it was about 30 years newer than I’d have liked and not in my preferred suburb but I went to see it anyway. His enthusiasm for the garage, the playground across the road and the quiet street won me over.

Now I’m filling my pinterest boards with inspiration for decorating even though that’ll likely happen over years, not the weeks I’d happily fill with painting and re-doing kitchens and bathrooms.

I think it’s going to be a looooooong 10 weeks until we get to move. Rats.


6 thoughts on “Is it real yet?

  1. Congrats – can't wait to see it inside and out. When I was just in new Zealand last week, I loved reading realtors descriptions – they were like little works of art. “Great little doer upper”. “Lifestyle choice” should have written them down!


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