• Bullet points. I love them.
  • I’ve sneezed approximately 9,782 times today.
  • Throat has that scratchy feeling.
  • Think I’m getting sick.
  • I’ve taken on extra hours at work.
  • Yay for extra money.
  • Boo for more work.
  • My ‘to do’ list contains extra fun stuff like: investigate house and contents insurance, draw up will, and schedule builder’s inspection.
  • Mum’s husband coming up to do builder’s inspection. Excellent.
  • Have tenancy issues. Not brilliant at best of times but especially shit when running concurrently with house buying.
  • Child deposited at Mum’s in Rotorua.
  • Miss child.
  • Child coming back to Auckland on Friday.
  • Have several parcels due in mail from excessive internet spending.
  • Online shopping makes you think you are paying with monopoly money.
  • You aren’t.
  • Knitting has taken place.
  • Will show when can be arsed taking photos.
  • Yep.

4 thoughts on “Dots

  1. Must make a bullet point list to do more bullet point posts, easy to read and hopefully I will look more together (arrgggh) and organised. Gave up on the online shopping when i failed to return stuff and there will ill-fitting bits and bobs sitting in Mudroom for years collecting mould. But there is not a little euphoria is hearing that ding dong and seeing the UPS man at the door, I can tell you!


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