I knitted a little hoodie for my workmate’s babe. I may or may not have left room for the recipient’s head. Oops.

He was born on Tuesday and is a teeny little thing. Hoping it’s still winter when he gets big enough to wear it.

The plan is that he’s going to come play in the office with us for the first six months or so. An office baby! Squeeeee! I foresee much cuddling and little work being done.
Crap. Forgot to post the link to the pattern. Easy peasy seamless baby hoodie. And also mention that I made the arms long enough to fit a human more closely resembling an ape. Oops.

2 thoughts on “Buttoned

  1. Anna is a little dot and has in the last few months just started to fit a few of the larger baby thing she was given when she was born. Even though at the time I wanted her to be able to wear everything, it's pretty thrilling this far out (she's nearly eleven months) still to have new duds to dress her in, especially winter things.


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