Second attempt

It turns out it is almost to the day, two years ago that I made my first attempt at returning to dance, since finishing up when I turned 18 [and left Rotorua and actually had to pay for crap myself].

That last attempt lasted three short contemporary lessons before I was willing to accept that I couldn’t quite keep up with the pace of the teacher’s instructions and the other dance students in the class (on their third dance lesson that week, damn them). That and it was bloody hard to find a carpark in Wellington city at night.

This time, however, it’s going to be different. I know it.

I went to my first adult open ballet class on Tuesday at MEBA (Mount Eden Ballet Academy) which is quite conveniently down the road from my work. The class takes place at 12.30pm which is also quite conveniently the perfect time to duck out for an hour and get some actual exercise.

I’m already loving it because I know a bit about ballet so it isn’t as much of a stretch to get my head (and body) around… not like contemporary – which was pretty new to me at the time. I totally take it back when I said I needed something less structured. Deluded. And the other students in the class are adults too, exhibiting the same mental and physical degeneration as my apparently ancient 26 year old self. Yeah, actually. I did something ridiculous to my hip at the class and limped around for following three days moaning about a hip replacement.

Anyway, we’ll see if I have more commitment to this class than the last.


One thought on “Second attempt

  1. If at fisrt you don't succeed….blah, blah. Proud of you for trying again. Hope you manage to capture some joy in the moments you're taking for yourself.


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