The culmination of much good

And many, many stickers, was a trip to Rainbow’s End.* Turns out I started the chart almost a year ago. Ha. That was value for money! Even with the hideous entry charge.

The Child was so into it and luckily was tall enough for most of the rides, including the Fear Fall and the roller coaster. Unfortunately that meant I had to accompany her on both those rides. And despite the fact that Rainbow’s End is an amusement park, I was not amused.

I can safely say that the Pirate Ship was her favourite ride. She was fine about the roller coaster and Fear Fall but I don’t think she wanted to go back on them after. And there was no way in hell she was going back in the Motion Master. The dinosaurs scared the crap out of her. Isn’t that bizarre? Not terribly phased by dropping 18 stories, but won’t head back into a glorified movie¬†theater? heh

I survived, the Child had a great time, but I think the person that got the most out of it may have been this slightly larger kid…

*New Zealand’s half arsed attempt at an amusement park


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