The show. All over it.

Oh yes. Bullet points. It’s all I can deal with this week.

  • I can’t talk about work but let’s just say that work has changed somewhat this week.
  • Oh, and I started full time a couple of weeks ago and it’s catching up with me finally.
  • So tired. Although at least I’ve managed to get rid of the two colds I had. In a row. Argh.
  • And house buying is disastrous.
  • Thought that the house could potentially fall down on us. House buying was off.
  • Started hunting out rentals instead.
  • Hating on life.
  • Managed to get hold of plans from Council. Turns out house isn’t going to fall down on us. House buying back on.
  • Not hating on life so much.
  • Bank taking their sweet, sweeeeeet time letting us know about finance. House buying off.
  • Hating life again.
  • Vendor says that he’s OK with an extension. House buying back on.
  • Now we have 5 more days to convince the bank that what I said on twitter when I called them effing useless wasn’t actually true and I was pretending anddidn’tmean itandOHPLEASEDEARDOGGIVEUSSOMEMONEY.
  • Still failing to understand why it is so difficult. But apparently we are difficult. It is difficult. LIFE is difficult.
  • Goodness I whinge a lot!
  • I promise that I actually have happy things to say sometimes and actually, in the scheme of things, I thought I’d be WAYYYY more stressed than I currently am.
  • I’m just using my blog and twitter as my counselling sessions.
  • And now I’m trying to justify that.
  • In a conversation with myself.
  • Oooo… next week it’s the two year anniversary of the Boy and I getting together. I’m trying to think of something romantic to do. It kinda has to make up for two years of being quite verbally abusive.
  • In a lovingly verbally abusive kind of way.
  • But yeah, romanticism. Not my strong point.
  • Ideas plz, romantic people?
  • In fact, could you please just plan it all and tell me where we have to be and at what time?
  • Thx.

7 thoughts on “The show. All over it.

  1. the spa at sky city (called east day spa) have baths and steamroom scrubs that you can do as a couple, not too expensive and AMAZING for a relax and bonding, and a wee bit sexy.
    highly reccomend for a recconecting/ treat activity as a couple.
    Have fun!


  2. Come down to Chch and let me cook you dinner and get you drunk on wine….
    Or failing that…just continue abusing him. It's worked thus far!
    CONGRATS you two. You rock. We miss you. Even though you're bogans. And live in Auckland.


  3. We all sort of like Esthers idea and Devil child would be happy playing with Jack etc whil you whisk away for a South Island treat!


  4. RE: “I can't talk about work but let's just say that work has changed somewhat this week.”

    Is that because you were recruited as a spy? If you reply with the exact words, “No, that is not it,” I will take it as confirmation.


  5. I have to agree that buying a house is very stressful but worth it! Although as a home owner, I have realised now that we have to do stuff to fix the house haha! At least landlords are good for things like that, just annoying that they take their sweet time!


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