38 sleeps until we move into our new house! Yes. Our house in one of the lesser desired suburbs of Auckland (damn you property prices) but one that we don’t have to deal with a landlady that selectively understands tenancy law. And one with a feijoa tree and orange tree and soon to be a zillion more fruit trees. Weeeeeeee! And a giant garage where I can jam the Boy all the Boy’s car crap!

So now begins the glorious task of packing. I was initially really excited about this as my life felt a bit empty after trawling property websites for so long, then having to become an expert on conveyancing, the building code and council processes. Researching the most efficient and stress-free ways of packing relieved this emptiness. And I was well on my way to being fulfilled by the physicality of jamming my life into neatly labelled boxes ready to be spread out neatly put away in the new place BUT THEN I realised that before packing there’s an awful lot of crap you have to get rid of, which I am much less excited about. Like, extremely opposed to.

The good news is that seeking to avoid having to rationalise all our accumulated rubbish means that I might blog a bit more. Or conversely, I might try to avoid blogging and actually get on to the required task. Win-win for me, it would seem.

P.S. I never want to go through the house buying process EVER again. And to think, we didn’t even have to sell a house at the same time. *shudder*


5 thoughts on “38

  1. There's still a box in our loft – several actually – that haven't been unpacked since we moved into this house 13 years ago. I heartily recommend you jettison the crap now, while you can 🙂


  2. Best of luck with moving Nikki. We currently rent in a suburb in Auckalnd that we know we could never afford to buy in…perhaps one day when we buy it will be as your neighbour LOL


  3. Just remember you almost certainly have the hoarding gene so it is clear you need to take all your spare parts with you or you will get stressed!!!!


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