Nature’s design

Hannah, Dion and I went on a zoo trip with a bunch of people to take photos of the aminals (as Hannah calls them).
All the animals are really weird looking. Like seriously weird looking if you really think about what they are. Especially rhinos. Weird. How the frick did creatures like this ever get created? You can’t take me to the zoo… I get all concerned and pensive about creation and shiz.
So I stopped thinking before I spontaneously combusted and concentrated on this creature instead…
She’s pretty cute…
And not quite as strange looking…

Well, actually humans are kinda weird looking too.

The world is a strange place.


2 thoughts on “Nature’s design

  1. apparently it's more blogging and less getting rid of cr*p…. Rather you be packing than me. You have a seriously cute daughter. And some very weird thoughts for one visiting the zoo.
    xxx Maman


  2. I recall an ex getting all pissy at me for pointing out how ugle humans must look to animals all bald and upright with random patchs of hair.
    Seldom do we consider the Chinese crested nor the Bald cat breeds attractive.
    But as far as patchily furred creatures go Miss H is pretty darn adorable xx


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