Babies, babies, everywhere…

Did you know that we had to learn the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner at intermediate school? When I’ve got together with my old school buds and we’ve gotten drunk enough, we’ve been known to launch into a wee bit of Samuel Taylor Coleridge in tribute to our teacher, old -er. OK, that’s a private joke. They’ll understand.

Anywayyyyyy… before I got on to reminiscing about Form 1 geekiness, I was talking about babies. Yes. They’re EVERYWHERE.

Most importantly, my sister is growing one for her and Gaz to play with.

Yes, I, Nicola Elisabeth, am going to be Auntie Nicola Elisabeth. A.K.A. Best Auntie in the UNIVERSE. A.K.A. Bane of my sister’s existence. Yes. I have some serious payback to do.

And I may have accidentally started collecting nappies for her. Dooooooodeeeeedooooooooo.

P.S. We’ll just ignore the fact that she’s standing in the glass pyramid du Louvre hrmmm? Biarch.


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