Knitting for tea parties

Pretty sure I swore I’d never knit food or toys when I started knitting. I take it all back. Although I maintain that my life as a knitter is over the moment I knit a Jean Greenhowe pattern. And NEVER will I knit for dogs. EVERRRRR.

Anyway. Apparently I do, now, knit cakes.
Apparently, I also really shittily photoshop overexposed images. You wouldn’t expect anything less now would you?

These little knitted baked goods were created as part of the world’s coolest present for a 3 year old. My workmate bought a little tea set, a gingham carry case, made a table cloth, complete with hand embroidered doily with child’s name, and napkins, stitched felt napkin holders and tea bags, and added three knitted cakes (made by moi) to complete the set for her little niece. Wish I had a photo of it all… it’s AMAZING.
And whaddayaknow but the Devil Child wants some now too. So wool is too itchy to wear but isn’t too itchy to play with now? Hrmmm. We’ll see… we’ll see.
P.S. Patterns here, here and here.

5 thoughts on “Knitting for tea parties

  1. Nikki, Nikki, Nikki. You've started on the slippery slope. Knitted food. Not long till a cute little Greenhowe dolly then before you know it a dog sweater will be falling off your needles. Believe you me;-) I've been where you are now, and look how far I've fallen.


  2. Nikki you are fabulous and I still love you no matter how far you fall. So where do I line up for some knitted food? hmmm 😆 xxx


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