The warming of the house

We had a house warming. It somehow morphed into a Westie theme. It turns out if you put up a facebook event with the title of “Westie house warming”, being that your house is out West, people will get a bit keen on unleashing their inner white trash. Or outer. Whatevs.

Jute was the star of the night with the outfit featured in the photo here. Apart from her charming choice of apparel, there was more lace, black band t-shirts, and leopard print than was socially acceptable.

Anyway, people got a bit into the spirit of the Westie theme and let’s just say that I’ve not had to clean up that much spew for a looooooooong time.

Oh, and we discovered out toilet isn’t terribly stuck to the floor just as the party was in full swing. Apparently it leaks. Quite a bit. Clean water… luckily. Don’t know if I could’ve handled spew and something-that-sounds-quite-a-lot-like-spew in one night.
Anyway, we survived, the house survived (kinda), and we successfully made enemies of the neighbours. Especially because we could still hear the music going when we woke up at 7am. Yeah, I hate us too.


3 thoughts on “The warming of the house

  1. Your sister needed a bottle of codys and a lit cigarette and that outfit would have been perfect! Glad to hear your par-tay went off.


  2. Hehehe, classic photo!

    Your friends and family are awesome.

    Boooooo to cleaning puke, that's sticking to the theme a little too well.

    Did any of Han's invitees turn up?

    Also, I think Jack may have partied a little too hard and left his pants in your spare room?


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