The August edition

Let’s just gloss over the fact that I haven’t been blogging regularly for quite some time and rejoice that I will be making a major attempt to for at least the next month (rejoice may be slightly to strong to use. Bahaha). And we have some updating to do!

So. The update in bullet point form:

  • I have a new job. I’m out of women’s health and the feministy community and back to international development. I’m loving it!
  • New workmates drink a lot of coffee. Can safely say that after 2 weeks, I’ve reinstated my caffeine addiction to its previous high circa 2009. Mmmmm coffeeeeee. Weaning myself off that shiz again one day is gonna be horrific.
  • Kidlet is ear infected x2. On the plus side, it has prompted me to actually register her with a new GP around here. On the down side, she’s not feeling great.
  • I went to roller derby and dragged along a friend and hung out with two hilarious twitter types. It was awesome. Roller derby is rocking.
  • Devil Child started a new ballet class out West. Major threats given. Significant bribes offered. The child listened! And paid attention! And danced really nicely! (?!?!?!) Weird… I know.
  • Trying to get house insulated and heated. Had a ginormous power bill last month. Nearly died. Found today on my little house assessment trip that there’s a steady trickle of water coming from the hot water cylinder. Yeahhh that’ll do it. Fricking money pit.
  • In other house news: I pulled the drawer front off one of our kitchen drawers and Dion broke two windows. As long as we can keep the ratio of damage between us both relatively even then we’re good.
  • 10 weeks til Podge is due! Booked flights to go down and meet the little one and/or rub my overdue sister’s back and freeze meals. Quite excited. Need to get knitting asap!
  • Speaking of knitting….  I knitted stuff for people’s babies. They gave me cuddles in return. It was awesome.

P.S. It’s the Pebble Vest by the Thrifty Knitter. Again. That pattern rocks.


2 thoughts on “The August edition

  1. The jersey has been wonderful and worn a LOT. Still fits him, due to no-grow situation, now resolved. Ahem. But what about the lovely pictures of you with baby?



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