Hannarina Ballerina

Little Miss Performy Pants has started at a new ballet school over here in West Auckland. She’s gone from being a massive pain-in-the-ass at ballet lessons (I did confess I ended up in tears one day because she was such a little shite, didn’t I?) to being the kid that listens really well and tries extra hard. (Check the seriousness with which we take ballet on kidlet’s face. Heh) It’s amazing! Not entirely sure what it was but I’m not going to question compliance too much lest it hasten its departure. Pretty sure the cute new purple leotard might have a part to play though.

Long may it live!

P.S. I’m still playing ballerinas too. Loving the fitness and starting to get faster at picking up the steps. Stretching the ability of ye olde goldfish memory!


2 thoughts on “Hannarina Ballerina

  1. Firstly – thank goodness you have started blogging again… My life was getting a bit dull without it!
    Secondly – I just had a wonderful thought… When I live in Auckland I will be able to see your little Ballerina in action! I can't wait!! x


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