Niece knitting

My sister and Gaz have a mere 10 weeks (OR LESS) until young Podge is due to arrive. I’m a smidgeon more worried about this than they are as I haven’t even started knitting for the child! This is especially useless as Podge is due to arrive in November and that’s heading in to the warmer months so I have approximately 2 months worth of knit wear to make the most of while the child is small.

These were my practice pair of pants for a cute little babe named Honour. I wanted to get more of a tapered leg than the usual straight down longies that I’ve knitted in the past. I wanted them to be reasonably tight but trying to guess how big babies’ legs are is ridiculous.

So. On my list so far is: this cocoon / this cardigan / this hoodie / this hat / these longies


3 thoughts on “Niece knitting

  1. You're such a cool auntie! (And just incase you were thinking of it, don't worry about making my bubs anything – have got a keen crocheting grandma who is waiting to find out the flavour ;))


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