Message to Auckland Council

I don’t know if there was a proper, fancy-like, garden-guru reason to plant parsley with poppies in the Auckland Council maintained street-side gardens by my work in Newmarket, but it meant that I got to have fresh parsley with my egg sandwiches for lunch. Stoked!

I have decided that I need to stop buying my lunch. It’s budget central around here. So I’m reliant on Council gardens for fresh produce. More… more… moaaarrrrr!

I’m definitely not going to bother with flowery nonsense in my garden when I finally get it sorted. It’s all going to be edible goodness. Yep. Edible gardens for all!


2 thoughts on “Message to Auckland Council

  1. Nice! We're attempting to do the edible garden thing, but around the existing stuff. Passionfruit vines on the fence between our driveway and the neighbour's seems to be good for hiding the decrepit fence, but only two fruit in two years. Not sure that counts as edible gardening, and the fence may fall down under the weight of the vine eventually. Oops. Learn from our mistakes!


  2. Isn't it cool when you get free produce on the council?
    The walkway through to our local park has lemons and feijoas planted all through it and we go nuts trying to snaffle the ripe-ish ones as soon as they're ready. Unfortunately so do many other locals so there are many walks to the park in lemon and feijoa season, just to make sure we don't miss out on our share of the free stuff!


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