Miss Devil Child had the opening night of her school production tonight. Like the brilliant mother that I am, I forgot my camera so have no photos of her in her cute little Goldilocks get up. I do, however, have a photo of me using her as slave labour while I dye her costume. I figured if I was going to be roped into this costume-providing business by the Devil Child then she wasn’t getting off scot-free herself. She was initially enthused but, after approximately 2 minutes stirring the dress in the dye, realised that the fun was fast running out. Especially when I told her she had to stir for another hour.

Devil Child made a fantabulous actress, performing the part of the dancing Goldilocks in the scene where the two heroes passed through the fairy tale. I think it’ll be the first of many appearances on the stage, if her drama queen tendencies are anything to go by. In fact, we already have her ballet show scheduled in at the end of November. Wanna bet next time I won’t get away so easily with only having a dye one dress? Best I start getting the Devil Child handy on ye olde sewing machine then.

4 thoughts on “Goldilocks

  1. I'm awful, I always forget my camera on the important occasions!
    Good plan with the sewing machine training. I saw Barbie ones at Spotlight a while back, if she needs convincing 😉


  2. I can't wait until I can come along to EVERYTHING!!! Tell Hannah I am excited to see her for our extended sleep over! Oh and you and Dion 😛 x


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