Kidlet does seven

The Devil Child is officially seven.
And for dinner on her 7th birthday, she requested macaroni cheese and left over cake. Suhweeeeeet.
Happy birthday my Halloween baby.

5 thoughts on “Kidlet does seven

  1. Yummm and rainbow bunting – awesome.
    Wish i was there to eat too much and bash the crap out of the un-beatable butterfly!
    What a gorgeous 7 year old. xxxx


  2. Happy REAL Birthday Han!
    and fyi people… That cake was AMAZING! (and delicious, and intensely rainbow inside).

    …and there were spare bits to munch on with leftover icing. excellent.

    Awesome 7 years of parenting Nikki, you make me wish I could start over again.
    Some proud mother should bake you a rainbow cake too hehe.
    xxx Maman


  3. Aww look at that cake being enjoyed!
    Love the bunting and the pictures so so much and the table cloth.
    Makes me want to do the Auck trip all over again!

    Well done Nikki you have the most gorgeous 7 year old in all ways possible xx


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