Tea for me

For Jute‘s birthday today, we took a family trip to Sweet Pea in Petone for high tea. My little brother Robbie even put on a shirt for the occasion (after his flatmates suggested that it might be appropriate high-tea-wear). He didn’t iron it, but that’s possibly asking a bit much of an 18 year old.
Not to be outdone, Gaz amped the class up by ordering a crate bottle of Lion Brown to accompany his asparagus rolls and strawberry tart. Yes, Sweet Pea have Lion Brown on the drinks menu. Gaz officially stoked.
Jute also stoked with delicious food and has committed to making it her local now that she’s a lady of leisure (/overworked and extremely un-paid stay at home mama).
And like a good little kidlet, Podgey slept her way through the whole outing.


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