This is my niece.

She happens to be my favourite niece in the whole world. And she looks good in my knitting. I can see this relationship lasting.


11 thoughts on “Podgelet

  1. Firstly, I love your awesome comment box. How'd ya pull that off? secondly, I haven't been around on blog world for so darn long, I thought that might have been redheadchildthesecond. I caught up quickly 🙂 Thirdly – That Podgelet makes me clucky and Lastly, I totally understand the relief when someone looks good in my knitting!


  2. Oh my goodness she is gorgeous i tried to comment on mumma of neiecelets blog but never manage that task!
    So so so freaking clucky squeeeeeeee well done J and G you clever little fella's you!


  3. Gorgeousness! And I am so glad we are due for our next one soon because she has just cranked up my cluck-o-metre. Lovely knitting too, she's one lucky little one. Congratulations to everyone!


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