Raggedy Ann

Little miss Hannah graced the stage as Raggedy Ann in her debut ballet performance on Saturday, while I also rocked it out as a “ballet mum” for the first time. She looked super cute in her costume; so she damn should have, as I slaved away in my duties as costume creator to make her look that good. (Ermmm… don’t look closely please people.)

Her little counterpart, Raggedy Andy, also looked fabulous in her hastily sewn together well thought out costume but given that I didn’t ask permission from her mother to plaster her all over Teh Internetz, I figure I’ll limit the showing off to my grandmothers. Those grandmothers played a large part in the creation; Granny raided her fabric supply to send over ragdoll-suitable fabric and Gran’s donated pattern magazines from the 1950s (with pre-cut-out patterns!!) provided the construction. I’d been despairing about how the heck I was going to pull it off until I came across those magazines. Yussssss grandmother power!

Anyway, Han was amazing in the production of Mary Poppins and it was totally worth going along to. I’d kinda assumed that D and I would be having a quiet nap in the theatre, ready to do the requisite parental cheering at Han, but I was enthralled the whole time! The principal dancers were amazing and the whole thing was really well put together. I’ll be bullying the whole family to attend next year. Fo’ shiz.


7 thoughts on “Raggedy Ann

  1. Holy crap – ballet mum extraordinaire! She looks amazing, well done! That's a very serious ballet pose too, I bet she rocked that stage.


  2. Hi Nikki – brilliant – I found you again. What a fantastic picture and loving the gingham and striped tights. I've always hoped and dreamed my kids would be in plays and musicals but no, just boring old soccer…


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