My garden*

I’m playing landscape designer with the helpful aid of Microsoft Paint. (Actually, Gimp, but MS Paint induces vomiting in my design kid sister so I prefer to pretend I work in that beautiful piece of software.)

Eff knows what the hell I’m doing out there but I was planning on doing some of it this weekend. In anticipation of extreme garden creation, I thought I’d better attempt some sort of planning bizzo. I’ve never done gardens before. Wouldn’t have the first clue what-goes-where and what-is-called-what and why-put-that-there, so I’m a little screwed. Oh, and I put my vege gardens in the wrong place. Gooooood.

Anyway, after this little attempt at planning, the only thing that it’s thrown up is that I should never quit my job to be a landscape designer, and perhaps my efforts this weekend are best placed ripping the crap off the fence and repainting it, before I get too excited about filling in with soil and planting fancy palms.

That’s no fun at all.

*V. loose use of term “garden”


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