The Devil Child dressed herself this morning. I thought it was rather Fancy Nancy inspired and wanted to preserve it for posterity/future shaming at adult birthday parties.

Whenever I dress the child (Yeah, sorry, individual choice blah blah but sometimes I want my child to look cute and maybe keep the prints down to the minimum of clashing.), I try to make sure there’s a little of her zany-ness coming through (compromise and all that) but everyone always asks if she dresses herself whenever I’m responsible for an ensemble. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO SAY?!

For a handy guide to picking who has chosen what outfit, you can pretty much guarantee if there’s a minimum of three prints in a single outfit, or more than one pink item, then the child has self-styled that morning.

If black is present in any outfit, then that’ll be my work. And it will have cost me a shitload in bribery to get her to wear it.

Damn this strong personality business.

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