Apricot paint effect be gone

This is not me being a gangsta. This is me being a hard core sander with my home fashioned dust mask from a fabric remnant.

Well, until I got bored after one wall and started whining about how hard sanding is. Then the Boy got sick of me and bought a sander that I could use on the remaining three walls. I whined a lot less after that. Oh, and I also bought some proper dust mask thingies which saw the end of my sweet remnant dust mask. Such a shame. (Probably good for my lungs though. It was up to eff all.)

Anyway, this is what I am removing. You were first introduced to the delight of the apricot paint effect back here. What in Dog’s name possessed anyone to paint that shit in the first place is well beyond me.

And now I am committed to seeing the end of it. THE END OF THE APRICOT PAINT EFFECT. I will not mourn its passing.


3 thoughts on “Apricot paint effect be gone

  1. One summer I worked for one day as a floor sander (true agony) amongst weeks of more general sanding work. That was, I am almost certain, the summer I discovered my true calling as a bookish office-nerd.

    Hoping the rest of your sanding goes smoothly and quickly…


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