Water babies

We’ve got an adult’s sized paddling pool on our lawn at the moment. The kidlet has been having a great old time “swimming” in it after school. (The Child is exhibiting signs of having inherited her mother’s flailing swimming style.)

She has also taken great delight in giving me shit for being too wussy to get in it. IT’S NOT BATH TEMPERATURE SO IT’S JUST NOT HAPPENING. I’m delicate as hell, people. And my child is just plain mean.

It would appear someone else has been enjoying the pool too, based on the images that appear on certain Facebook feeds. Perhaps a little more than the Child even.


4 thoughts on “Water babies

  1. Looks lovely! Get in..before you know it, it will be winter…embrace the warm!!!!
    With love, from your friend who lives south and is muchly pissed off at lack of warmth down here,
    E xxxx


  2. I want one!!!!!
    Awesome picture of Hanny too.
    We must get together again soon, Ella keeps telling me she wants to play Monster High with Hannah 🙂


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